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Is Jaco Costa Rica safe?

How secure is Costa Rica’s Jaco Beach? With a little common sense, one might conclude that Jaco Beach is extremely safe and accessible from almost anywhere at any time. It is not suggested that you visit the beach at night. The ocean is dark and swimming at night could be risky.

Here is few testimonials on Jaco’s Safety

Jaco is secure at night? Yes. In general, most people would feel secure walking down the main street at night. The main streets are patrolled by police, and many private homes have private security guards. – Mike


There are many family-friendly eateries on Jaco’s main strip, some of which have children’s play spaces. Zip lining, ATV tours, catamaran cruises, crocodile river tours, horseback riding, and the NeoFauna wildlife centre are just a few of the family-friendly activities in Jaco. – John


Jaco, where I currently reside, is not all that horrible. As always, simply have fun wherever you go and don’t flash huge sums of cash. Americans, Canadians, and Europeans are all over this location, so it can’t be all that horrible. – Robert F


My wife and I spent 2 weeks in Jaco last year we stayed in the South End and walked all the way to the North End and back a few times during the day evening and at night, never had a problem. There are some drug dealers in the alley between the main Street and the beach at night and usually some drunkin riff Raff at night around the strip club. But all and all we really enjoyed Jaco and are Heading back again in 3 weeks. – Rick L

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