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4 hour atv jungle & waterfall tour

4 Hour ATV Jungle & Waterfall Tour in Jaco Costa Rica.

This ATV Tour is A MUST-DO Costa Rica Adventure!

See small town rural Costa Rica on this guided ATV tour, across rivers and ditches, on dirt roads and off road, where we stop at a waterfall. Pick up is at your house in Jaco, and we will bring you to the starting location less than 15 minutes away where you will get fitted with equipement and quick safety instructions.

Beginner? No problem – just tell the guides! Guides will only take you across terain that you are comfortable driving on.

Basic Details and Information about this excursion.

  • $ 120 / Person
  • Additional charge for larger vehicles.
  • Starting location is 15 minutes from Jaco.
  • Transportation is included.
  • This is a PRIVATE Tour for your group only.
  • Schedule your start time between 8am and 1pm.
  • Total duration is approximately 4 hours. Including stops at waterfall etc.
  • Wear running shoes (best option). Do Not wear open sandals or flip flops!
  • Your shoes and clothes will get wet and dirty.
  • Comfortable jeans, pants, swimsuit or shorts.
  • Put your phone in a waterproof bag to keep mud, water and dirt off it.
  • A few bucks to buy a beer or soda, and tips for the guides.

Comfort Zone

  • The ATVs used on this tour can be operated with shifting gears, or can be driven in automatic mode. Your guides will do their best to make sure that everyone feels safe and comfortable. The landscape of this tour is diverse with steep curvy hills, and straightaways where you could drive faster. Keep in mind, this is tour designed for drivers of all levels including beginers. Driving fast or recklesly is not permited and the tour operator reserves the right to remove any unfit drivers. If you are looking for a more advanced tour with all expereinced riders, this can be arranged in advance.

    Depending on time of year and rain, some parts of the trails can be either dusty or muddy. Either way you are getting dirty!

ATVs, quads, side by side all terrain vehicles, utility mules, dirt bikes and mini dirt bikes

A wide variety of vehicles are available for this tour.
The standard rate listed includes an ATV (and of course helmet) but for those who prefer to upgrade to larger ATVs or larger vehicles (some of which hold up to 6 passengers) we can accommodate with more options.

Stop at Gamalotillo Waterfall for a cliff jump and swim in the natural pool below.

About an hour into the tour, we will stop at a private waterfall. You can climb to the top and jump into the pool below… Please note that this property is private, but the river and waterfall itself are public and are occasionaly accessed by locals. Also please note that although we have exclusive access to this property, it is sometimes not possible to visit this waterfall due to weather, river flow conditions, trail accesibility, or any other reasons, and we will subsitute this location with another waterfall or swimming pond in the area.

Tulin River in Costa Rica.

Depending on the season, this river can be very low and calm, or can be quite high and rapid. With appropriate water levels and conditions, we will be able to have a great time splashing across the river at several locations. The shores are also an ATV playground area with small rocks, mud and sand in some areas.

The Tulin River starts near the town of Puriscal, then connects to the Chires river and finally lets out into the pacific ocean at Playa Hermosa.

Stop at Tulin Bridge for a group photo opportunity.

This is an old school (almost historic) iron bridge that connects Puriscal with Playa Hermosa, through small back country towns and villages. Most of the way on this scenic road (ruta 239) is compacted gravel with some recently paved areas.

El Tigre restaurant and bar.

This is a popular local stop where you can purchase a beer or soda, and a snack if hungry.

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