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August 2, 2022

5 pointers for new surfers

  • Purchase a soft-top surfboard.
    • Your board will inevitably hit you as you’re learning. But don’t worry; your body will be able to withstand the punishment if you have a soft top.
  • Find Surfing Gear That Is Right For You
    • Get something that works for you and your ability. As a result, each person has a varied requirement for the volume and size of the board. Fins, a leash, and a protective bag must coordinate with the board in order to be appropriate. It is crucial to test various boards before investing on equipment. You can only make progress by catching as many waves as you can with the proper equipment. You often learn on a 7’6″ or 8’0″ board.
  • Findd A Less-Congested, Beginner-Friendly Location
    • Small, strong waves or waves that break farther out and roll in as whitewash are perfect. Low-current beaches are also worth keeping an eye out for because it will be easier for you to maintain your position in the water.
  • Shuffle your feet
    • Although it has little to do with actually riding a wave, shuffling your feet while walking into and out of the water greatly reduces your risk of being stung by a stingray.
  • Never surf without a leash.
    • When surfing, the leash is a necessity. Although you may certainly encounter some “skilled” surfers without one, the atmosphere is killed when you swim after a board and run the risk of it smashing into rocks or another surfer.
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